VELAS DE IBIZA by Denise Alves

We often say that a story doesn't come out of nowhere, ours came from understanding the word VELA, where its use takes different forms. To light a candle symbolizes to shed light on our desires and helps to enlighter our souls.

VELAS DE IBIZA was born from a mix of scents and memories, ideas and feelings.

The inspiration to combine artisans, makers and everything related to the world of candles and scents, came from our passion for the island.


    At Velas de Ibiza we have indoor and outdoor candles in small and large formats. For events, hotels, villas, rural houses, interior design, gardens or simply enjoy, we have candles and aromas that will help you create a unique space.

  • IBIZA CANDLES for every occasion

    Our candles and aromas are designed to give you warmth and company in that special and unique moment. Lighting a candle symbolizes giving light to our desires and helps to illuminate our souls.

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